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    For the purposes of creating a website that serves as a resource for people searching for information about search engine optimization, the history of search engine optimization, the benefits of SEO firms, and how search engine optimization companies can help people get more traffic; I did a lot of research both on and off line.

    The first form of research I did to find credible information about the resources provided by most SEO companies, was: I contacted some of the more popular and well known search engine optimization firms and I asked them about their history, the number of clients they have done website optimization for, and their rates.

    Secondly, I contacted people who had done web site optimization using a search engine optimization company and I asked them for their opinions about the quality of the work performed by the search engine optimization company they hired and whether or not they have been able to get more traffic to their website through their website optimization.

    Finally, I did random searches for various search phrases which people told me they had their search engine optimization firm optimize their website around, to check whether or not they had high search engine ranking. After completing all my research about website optimization, search engine optimization companies, and the benefits search engine optimization; I have a few conclusions I would like to share with my readers on my search Search Engine Optimization Information web page.