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    After seeing all the great results I got from the website optimization work a search engine optimization company did for me, I have been recommending web site optimization to all my friends and family members who own online businesses.

    When I told my brother in law about all the benefits I reaped from hiring a search engine optimization firm, he asked me to explain to him how search engine optimization will help him get more traffic to his website and through the increased traffic, how he would be able to get more sales.

    Given the fact, that I knew that my brother in law would not be the only one asking about the benefits of search engine optimization, I decided to create this site about website optimization, search engine optimization companies, and how to chose the right search engine optimization (SEO) firm.

    I plan on continuously expanding the informational website about search engine optimization over time, as I learn more about website optimization, search engine optimization firms, and the benefits of search engine optimization.

    In fact, I plan on adding a section in this site where people who have done web site optimization can post their testimonials about the search engine optimization company they used, their search engine rankings, and how they have been able to get more traffic to their site as a result of the work completed by a search engine optimization firm.