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    After I was asked to explain the benefits of search engine optimization and why people should used website optimization to get more traffic for their online businesses; I did some research and combined it with my knowledge about web site optimization and can say that search engine optimization, carried out by a professional search engine optimization (SEO) company, can produce amazing search engine rankings for web sites.

    Furthermore, my research shows that a search engine optimization firm, that has been in business longer and has helped a lot of people get more visitors to their web sites, can prove to be a better bet for all your website optimization needs, although these older SEO companies can be more expensive to hire, they will most likely, yield the best search engine rankings for your online business.

    Also, after speaking with several owners of online businesses, I discovered that most of the people who have used both internet advertising and search engine optimization for their internet promotion needs, say that they like the results obtained by search engine optimization more than the results they obtained from other forms of internet marketing.

    Finally, almost all people who have used both internet advertising and search engine optimization to get more traffic to their website, said that although they spent a lot less money on their website optimization work than they did on their internet advertising campaigns, they were able to get more sales from search engine optimization.