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    Just about a year ago, I started a online business selling used auto parts on the web. As you can imagine, business was slow the first couple of weeks and to prevent myself from losing too much money, I decided to research internet promotion.

    After looking around the net for different ways of getting the word out about my website, I discovered that there are two major ways of raising awareness on the internet. The first method to get more visitors to my website I found was search engine optimization, which is basically website optimization. The second method of getting the word out about my website was through internet marketing using advertising.

    Given the fact that I did not have much money, I decided to get more traffic to my web site by doing web site optimization. Therefore, I began researching the different search engine optimization firms there were out there; and I found two search engine optimization companies that looked to be the best.

    After reading various reviews and ratings about each search engine optimization company, I decided to go with the search engine optimization firm that had the more experience in website optimization and the company that had secured better search engine rankings for their clients, because I figured that the best results for website optimization would come form the search engine optimization firm that had the most satisfied clients in the past.

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